Men Who Cook: dedicated to Alex Nahabedian

Alex Nahabedian - guitars, bass, vocals
Larry Gomez - bass, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Vahan Nahabedian - drums, guitar, percussion, vocals, tantrums
Alan Geoghegan - bass, keyboards, dumm backing vocals

Men Who Cook


Dedicated to the memory & music of Alex Nahabedian

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STUDIO TRACKS (NYC Dec. 1995 & 1989) Recording Engineer Jay Wasco +Keyboards & Accordion, Tony Waka - Saxophone


Man Who Understood

Monk Went to Macy's

Rythym That's our Business

Can't Stand to see you Cry

Somewhere in the Hills of Scotland

Bleeding Blue

Paris Girl

Revolution in a Box

Breakdown and Bolt

Old Post Road

Don't Look Back

Changin' My Ways

Jokin' Man

Men Who Cook with ALEX NAHABEDIAN-'PINK' (2006)

LAex Nahadebian Pink
Full album available at



(The Ruthless Consumption) Of Esmerelda's Wine


The Blue Antique

Eloise Dear

The Real Thing

Black Road Unknown

Arranged by Alex & Vahan Nahabedian & Larry Gomez. Jay Wasco: piano, keyboards & vibes on Sleepwalkin' & Eloise Dear


Larry - vocals, Alex - guitar, Alan - bass, fake UK backing vocals Vahan - drums



Green Jacket

You're Not There

Say Mama Say Daddy

You Have What it Takes

CC Rider





larry alexth tv

alan bass

Top - Alex & Larry, Middle - Alan, Bottom - Larry, Vahan, Alex

Bug Out!


The Houston Street Rockers, Nightingale Lounge, NYC 1985 


The Cockroaches Early Sessions + 1982 -1983


Route 66 (The Cockroaches)

click image for Alex's CD at CD Baby

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THE MOOTAH'S (1990-1):

LARRY DEMOS: Larry: vocals, guitar, bass


40 Ton Train

The Devil's Gonna Git Ya

Revolution in a Box

Can't Stand to see you Cry (Alex solo)

4-TRACK (1990-1991) Larry: vocals, guitar, bass Alan: bass, backing vocals, mom's keyboard

Revolution in a Box ( Mr G chill version)
Larry -vocals, guitar Alan - bass, slide guitar


Paris Girl (Accoustic, Larry, Alan)


The Cockroaches Early Sessions (1982 -1983)

You're Not There (demo)

Come Back Baby (demo)


Larry - vocals, guitar, Alan - bass, vocals, mom's keyboard


Woody Guthrie (mom's keyboard version)

Paris Girl (Dum Version)

Wake Up Little Suzie

Fish Tank

Water & Wine (UB Doned Version)

Push Down (We B Buggin' Mix)

We want to Rock You (demo)

Sing On Stage (chipmunk version)

Rebel with a Cause

You Can't trust that Upper Class

Attempt to be Ghetto, 1988:

You Can't Do it! (Orginal version)

You Can't Do it! - Video on You Tube.











red bass


MEN WHO COOK- Let it Go - 1990
(compiled by Larry)



A celebration of Alex's life, Little Falls, NJ, February 11, 2007 click here to download (about 5 megs of) compressed photos L-R Alan, Larry, Vahan and Alexs' father


Men Who Cook with Recording Engineer Jay Wasco (far R) and Greg Robinson (L). Alex is second from left, Larry, bottom.
Click photo for Jay's site, Jays Museum.


Alex Nahadebian Pink
click image for Alex's CD at CD Baby

Alex Nahabedian - Pink (Album Notes From CD Baby)

Here, in his first solo CD, Alex Nahabedian (6/11/64-12/23/06) produces a hallmark poetic vision of ballads, honkytonks, and rockers. His artistry in melding genres is immersed in American roots, but also is a unique extension of personal influences. As a compliment to his song writing, Alex's personality is revealed and thrives through his singing. On the surface we hear a tender vulnerability; reserved, but when we listen more intently, we realize his range is advanced and certain. His lyrics are sensuous and unpretentious; his melodies are passionate and catchy.

Alex composed on acoustic guitar, resulting in a strong acoustic presence on this disc. His playing on guitar and bass is impeccable and soulful. Some critics may call him "old school", but what he offers the community of song writers is a refined poetry; stripped down, and uncontaminated by contemporary trends. As a child, he and his life long friend / song writing partner, Laurence Gomez, would dissect and write songs inspired by the pens of their masters (Beatles, Stones, Dylan, and The Band). This collaboration began a love affair with the craft of song writing which helped to keep each other in check, avoiding gimmicks and formulaic solutions. Although all the material on this CD was written by Alex, the two remained close and consulted each other, to the last.

As Alex matured as a song writer, he grew fond of Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, and Gram Parsons. This discovery brought him even further back in time to study Hoagy Carmichael, Harold Arlen, and Hank Williams. For several years he worked as a chef, which consumed much of his time and put song writing on the back burner. It was during his later years (2003-2006), after leaving the culinary profession, that Alex developed his own authentic voice. The only song in this volume that predates this period is "Poor Joe" (2002). In February of 2004, Alex learned he had inoperable cancer which impelled him to produce 40 plus songs. That Alex was so prolific during this period of unimaginable personal challenge is testament to his great spirit and ability to command his craft. The remainder of these songs, plus the addition of a few older ones, will follow in two other volumes.

Although Alex sings and plays throughout the CD, he maintained that he just wanted to write and arrange songs for others to play. Listening to this low budget basement studio production aided by the technical prowess of Keith Alexander, makes us wish he would have performed them live as well.

Vahan Nahabedian, 2007


Wild Horses for Alex


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